1d. IdentiFlyer Lyric Package #1 with CarryingCase

1d. IdentiFlyer Lyric Package #1 with CarryingCase

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The Lyric Identiflyer gives you the actual bird's song, PLUS the words and phrases that match the music of the bird's song. Each song can be played in the “Lyric” mode which includes the song’s mnemonics (words and phrases that sound like the song) and help connect the bird’s song to its name and picture.For example, “Drink your tea” sounds just like the Eastern Towhee’s song. “Hula hoop, hoop” sounds like the Mourning Dove’s song. And, it can be played in the "Song" mode to hear actual bird songs. Learning bird songs is easier for the non-expert because they hear the bird’s name, see its picture, hear a verbal description of the song (lyrics) and hear its actual song.

Package #1 includes the Lyric player, plus:

140 Birds & Frogs

Eastern and Western YardBird Collection



3 Card Set - Habitat Collection




2 Card Set - Species Collection