About Us

Home of the world renowned BirdSong IdentiFlyer -- with over 350,000 units sold worldwide! 

The BirdSong IdentiFlyer was created by For The Bird's Owner and Inventor, Terry Allen, out of the desire for a useful tool that would help people identify the songs of backyard birds. Since that time, the IdentiFlyer has sold over 350,000 units worldwide, along with some four million bird songs!  Now, anyone can learn the sounds and songs of backyard birds with the BirdSong IdentiFlyer!

With the NEW IdentiFlyer Lyric, you can learn the songs of well over 100 birds with the simple touch of a button. The sounds are so realistic, you can even call birds into your backyard by playing the bird songs!

John Robinson, Ornithologist, Amazon bestselling author, and author of “Birding For Everyone” says: “Identifying birds by their song is one of the most important, yet most difficult, skills for any birder to learn. The IdentiFlyer Lyric is the best new tool you can use to identify birds by sight or song and in minutes, not years!”


We hope you will enjoy our website and order your very own IdentiFlyer today!