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IdentiFlyer Classic with 5 SongCards

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Simply the best way to learn Bird Songs!

The IdentiFlyer adds a new dimension to your interest in birds because it makes it easier to identify birds by learning their songs. Most experts use the bird’s song as the primary way to identify the bird but it is hard for novice birders to learn bird songs because CDs and recordings are difficult to use. The portable IdentiFlyer solves that problem. Take it outside, insert a habitat SongCard (like YardBirds One) and press a few buttons until the song on the card matches the bird that is singing. You’ll become an expert in minutes. 
The IdentiFlyer comes with 5 SongCards for 50 song birds frequently seen and heard in your backyard! 
(NOTE: SongCards for the Classic Identiflyer will NOT work with the IdentiFlyer Lyric.)