DU Duck Call Sportsmen IdentiFlyer with 2 Bonus YardBird SongCards

DU Duck Call Sportsmen IdentiFlyer with 2 Bonus YardBird SongCards

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The Duck Call IdentiFlyer comes with:
IdentiFlyer Player – gives you access to authentic duck calls                               at the touch of a button                
2 Calling Cards, which includes 20 ducks and 36 duck calls (both male & female)
1 ear bud and 3 AAA Batteries
Duck Identification Guide
PLUS, 2 Bonus Yardbird SongCards with the songs of 20 backyard birds  (Also works with any of our other 24 SongCards with more than 250 bird songs!)
(NOTE: SongCards for the Classic & DU Identiflyer will NOT work with the IdentiFlyer Lyric.)

The Challenge
Often, hunters hear ducks long before they are visually recognizable. How do you differentiate ducks that are often so similar?

IdentiFlyer is the only system that addresses the issue by helping you recognize ducks by BOTH sight and sound – quickly. It puts the 36 calls of 20 ducks right at your fingertips. It helps you to match the subtle call variations when you practice your calling techniques. Learn duck calls that sound like a duck (not another hunter TRYING to sound like a duck)

How the DU Duck Call IdentiFlyer helps hunters to be more successful

  • Learn to attract more ducks to your blind
  • Dramatically improve the accuracy of how you mimic ducks in the wild
  • It helps you to not shoot the wrong duck. By building strong identification skills you will not exceed bag limits and help to do your part in conservation efforts.
  • Even beginners can learn to vocalize all the major male and female duck calls from scratch