3. NWTF Turkey Call Sportsmen IdentiFlyer

3. NWTF Turkey Call Sportsmen IdentiFlyer

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Learn The Secrets Of World Class Turkey Calling From These Experts:

  • The NWTF Turkey Call IdentiFlyer allows you to instantly listen to any of the 10 most effective turkey calls and five of the most useful Locator Calls. Real man-made calls by the Sting Team and real turkey-made calls created by the grand champion Turkey.
  • Use the Sting Team's Turkey Calling & Secrets & Strategies - it includes 67 calling tips, and it explains WHY turkeys use certain calls, HOW to make them and WHEN to use them.

Fastest way to learn Turkey Calls - GUARANTEED!

  • Quickly find and play all of the most effective turkey calls and 5 of the most useful locator calls.
  • Learn by listening to actual wild turkey calls recorded in the wild and then to the same calls made by national champion turkey callers.
  • Our System will help you devise your own strategy to increase your success on the hunt.
  • Package contains a Calling Card Player with speaker, volume control, audio-out jack and ear bud, 3 AAA batteries and 10 selection buttons.
  • Included are 3 Calling Cards (holding 30 different calls - 15 live calls & 15 mouth calls) and the "Turkey Calling Secrets & Strategies" Guide.
  • The NWTF Turkey Call IdentiFlyer also works with our entire library of 24 SongCards of more than 250 bird songs (available separately).