Birds iView Window Clings

What bird is at our feeder? Is that a finch or a sparrow?

Now, the answer is easy, if you have the Birds iView Window Clings!

  •  Identify backyard birds quickly - No need to search for your field guide to identify your backyard birds. Just glance at the decals on your viewing window.    
  • Attract more birds - On the back of each decal has birds favorite food and feeder which will help you to attract new species.
  • Add to your collection - When a new bird arrives in your yard place it’s decal on your window. How many birds can you attract?
  • Birds iView Decals make great gifts for any occasion - Your friends and family of every age will have fun attracting new birds to their yard and placing as many decals as they can on their window.
  • Easy to apply - Simply peel the backing from the decal and place it on your window, refrigerator or wall;  the decals won’t leave a residue and they can easily be adjusted or removed.

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