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I Love My identiFlyer

  • First, I would like to say I love the identiFlyer!! My wife bought me one, and I think itís great. I have 7 sound cards and plan on getting more. She bought me the case for Christmas, which was very cool because Iím into cases and keeping things protected. I wanted to know if you are planning on making more sound cards. Please do! Thank you very much; you have an excellent product!
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I just purchased the IdentiFlyer at World Wide Sportsman, and I am thrilled with it. I live on 130 acres of forest and meadows across from a beaver pond, have heard all of the sounds before, and now will be able to identify them. I am looking forward to additional cards for deer, fox, wolf, bobcat, coyote, etc. I am especially interested in all the night sounds. Thanks for producing a wonderful new toy for adults. Mt bird identification books have been of great interest to my many guests, and I am sure the will be quite excited to be able to identify all the sounds they hear when they come to the mountains to visit.
  • I received my identiFlyer 2 weeks ago as a gift. It is FANTASTIC. I am not sure who loves it more, my kids or me. I now have 12 cards. We used it last night to identify a night bird we have been hearing for about a month. It was a Common Nighthawk. Thank for a great product.
  • I have been using identiFlyer for years now and have all the cards and the clock too. I call out birds with it, and I talk to birds with it. I have several comments gained from hundreds of hours of field use. 1) I wish there was a strap connected to the identiFlyer itself. For all the different locations, logistics, and manners of use, I found it inconvenient to withdraw it from the carrying case and/or to hand hold it. My carrying case actually had to be sewn back up by hand as it tore the Velcro out after continuous use. 2) It would be nice to be able to somehow attach all the cards together (perforated on a chain?) keeping them attached to the identiFlyer, and yet still be able to insert and play them separately. 3) I have found the calls on the cards to be varying from contact calls to song or song fragments, some only heard during the breeding season, or to calls that are less used or heard. It would be nice to have cards specifically geared to either contact calls (not territorial calls) or song. 4) Some birds that I often see in my area do not appear on any said card, and some that are on the same said card are not often apparent in my area. What I am saying also is that I often have to switch cards quickly because of the way they are grouped. The dark-eyed junco, the northern flicker, and the red-headed and hairy woodpecker, the American tree sparrow, the Cooperís hawk and all the swallows are glaring omission that would be nice to see, for example. Would you ever consider putting just birds of specific species on one card each, say, like the woodpeckers or the swallows? All in all, itís a great product and I have had a lot of fun and success with it. Thank you for inventing it. And by the way, what is the animal on the calling card that denotes stress?
  • Awesome, simply awesome! It is so relaxing to sit on my patio with my bird caller. I pressed the button and watch the show. Itís merely an identifier, I know, but all bird types are genuinely curious and they arrive in my area. I live in the northern Midwest, and I attracted a yellow headed black bird. Iím asking for more cards for Christmas. Thank you.
  • The iFlyer birdsong scanning wand and barcode scan book has been used by all of my 11 grandchildren, family member, and social friends. My eight year old grandson, who was home sick for 2 days, has learned so many calls that we can play a game and guess the bird calls. I am quite an experienced birder, and he is catching up quickly. Our two year old granddaughter also thinks this is a wonderful toy; she always wants her turn. So the product has many possibilities. The obvious is a teaching tool for adults and children so they can more easily identify birds outside. They can carry the tool easily also. It is also fun, entertains people, and no matter what age, they learn without realizing it. Good teaching tool for schools as well, I imagine.


  • I am a freelance naturalist and lead several birding workshops every year. The BirdSong identiFlyerís been a great teaching aid. Iíve found that even the most casual Ė even disinterested Ė person gets turned on and ignited when presented with the identiFlyer. Besides its use as a great teaching too, I simply see people enjoying and having fun with the identiFlyer. Itís a great gift for both youth and adults who enjoy the outdoors, and wish to get to know birds better.
  • I received my identiFlyer for Christmas and it is so awesome! I have 5 song cards and canít wait to buy them all. I work at an environmental education center as a Naturalist and I use the identiFlyer for teaching folks of all ages what the birdies sound like!
  • I had a wonderful experience today at the Disney Wilderness Reserve, run by the Nature Conservancy, and located near Orlando. It is a great place. To top it off, I was like a kid in a candy shop when I discovered your Birdsong identiFlyer in their little country store. I was seriously considering purchasing one, but didnít. Much to my surprise when we got back to Daytona Beach this evening, the couple I had taken along with us had purchased one for me. Now, I really was like that kid I mentioned earlier. You see, I have been a Naturalist interpreter at other locations for many years now. I have made and purchased tapes to use both as a learning tool and for others to hear. I am really glad to see someone come out with such a neat tool. Congratulations!
  • I love the identiFlyerÖI work part time at a community center and we are getting many different kinds of birdsÖmy dream job that Iím looking for is being a Naturalist, and this would be/is a great tool for me to use. Thanks!
  • As a volunteer at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. I often play some of the calls before heading my group out on tour. Itís a refresher for me and an intro for those in the group. Some of the kids like to listen for the calls along the trail (it helps to keep them a bit quieter when they have a purpose). The most fun I have had with the identiFlyer was a church camp last year. The last few nights the campers, especially the high school boys like to try and prank some of the other cabins during the wee hours of the morning. On one such morning, I heard the thumping of feet coming down the hill and their whispering around the cabins. I had my card with the frog and toad calls, so I played some the stranger ones at varying levels. None of the campers in the cabins woke up, but it freaked out the would-be-pranksters who stayed well away from my cabin of girls! Iíll be bringing it back this year with some raptor cards.

Kids Love It

  • Gabrielle received this for a Christmas presentÖand it is a delight to listen over and over again. We took her to the wild bird store today and bought three more cardsÖ I hope they bring out more frog cards or put some of this music to cd somedayÖ how relaxing and peaceful that would be. Happy listening Gabrielle.
  • My 7 year old daughter saw this at the SEED club and wanted one right away. She got it for her birthday (we have 4 cards) and she loves trying to figure out which birds are in our back yard. ~ Renee
  • My 12 year old daughter has cerebral palsy. She loves to be outdoors, but most outdoor activities arenít possible for her. Her hearing is extremely sensitive and she loves birds. I got the identiFlyer for her for Christmas. Sheís had the best time with it. She listens for birds and matches the some on her identiFlyer with great accuracy.
  • My son just received an identiFlyer for his 5th b-day, and it trumped everything, even the light saber! As we live in a wooded area, he LOVES being able to name the birdís heís been hearing, and he imitates them fairly well too. Excellent product! We will definitely be getting more cards.
  • I first saw the identiFlyer at a Girl Scout camp I took my troop to last night and knew my daughter would love it. She has always loved the birdsí sounds and myself for not being able to point out oneís call from another, knew this would help me foster her interest and learn together. The next day I bought one and together we drove out to a nature park. We spent 5 hors listening to the birds; we were able to identify 6 of the birds on the two cards included and she was even able to start shouting out the name of the bird just by sound. It was like a treasure hunt Ė the two of us walking through the trails to spot one of the birds. This is impressive to me because my daughter is only 2 Ĺ years-old! Thanks for a great tool to help me teach and bond with my child. Ė Sara (& Eimile)

Educational Fun

  • Not sure you are aware of this, but the way we found out about the identiFlyer in the first place is that they are using them as the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. They hand them out in the Discovery Room and send families to Bird Hall on the third floor to look for specific birds that match those on smart cards. In addition to being nice for birders, it is certainly a great education tool.
  • We first found out about the identiFlyer at a pre-school from program run by the Columbus Park Department last summer. Santa brought one to my 3 Boyz this Christmas and they are thrilled as is my sonís pet budgie!! Thatís for coming up with the new cards too! Sincerely, Carrie Williams and Family (PS we bought ours at the Bas Pro Shop in Cincinnati, which is not on your list.
  • We teach children in San Francisco about our local birds including their calls. This Friday will be our Sixth Annual Bird Calling Contest. We use Birdsong identiFlyers to teach all our 3rd grade bird callers the call for the Contest. The identiFlyer is the best tool devised to get adults and children interested in bird songs. Check out our website for photos of our bird callers!
  • I recently purchased the identiFlyer and have been spending more time outdoors listening to the birds and ID-ing them. My 14 year old son has now gotten into bird watching over the last few days. It is fun and educational.
  • Hello! Iím an environmental educator in Omaha, NE and just wanted to tell you that everyone on the educ. staff uses their identiFlyer all the time to teach kids about and demonstrate different bird calls and songs. They are now a staple for our naturalist packs that we carry with us. So, thank you! Thanks again for a great product!
  • My passion is teaching preschool children about Missouri wildlife. I have a small business teaching over 15 schools in the St. Louis area. The identiFlyer is an invaluable tool to me! I regularly use the frogs and toads, owls and songbird calls when teaching, and the children are fascinated. Nearly gone are the days when I had to lug around a cassette player and tapes! Thank you for a wonderful product. Several teachers and parents have asked me where they can get one.
  • Hi there! Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my Singing Alarm Clock. I found it/you through the web while I was researching a birdsong alarm clock I saw in a British design magazine. It was not available here, which was fine at it had 24-hour time as its main read-out anyway. The idea of waking up to birds was so enticing, I had to find something. I just did a general search on birdsong alarm clock and found yours listed through Edmond Scientific. How great! And you folks have more than one song, unlike the other one I first saw. And I can expand to other birdsong cards too! What a great idea. I have hated every alarm clock Iíve ever had until now. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

A Great Gift

  • Hi Ė I purchased the Birdsong identiFlyer for my husband for Christmas, and we love it and will have a good time with it especially when summer and spring come and the birds are all back.
  • Just a quick note to tell you that I received my identiFlyer yesterday afternoon. I am tickled pink. This was my Christmas present from my husband, Doug. I want you to know that I really like it. I have been very interested in birds for many years and this is such a perfect gift for me.
  • I got the identiFlyer for Christmas and just love it. My husband got it at Wild Bird Unlimited; Thanks!
  • Dear terry, I just gave the identiFlyer along with several SongCard to my husband for Christmas. He LOVES it. We have been birders for a while and are always glad to have another new tool to use to learn more about birds. I just want to say thanks. The identiFlyer made a great Christmas present. My husband is planning on participating in the Christmas Bird Count that takes place here in Delaware every year Ė and he will be taking his identiFlyer with him.
  • Iíve recently received the identiFlyer for my birthday. Iíve never had something so fun. Congratulations on a great product. Last week I was happy to discover that my local bird store carried more song cards so I can quickly add to my collection. And how fun to include frog cards as well. My kids love it.

Nature Writer

  • Contributing Nature Writer for the Powell Times
    Last week, I visited the Johnny Morris Bass Pro Shop at Opry Millís Mall in Nashville. Besides having everything imaginable for the fisherman, the store has shelves full of other interesting equipment, clothing and accessories. I spent 2 hours wandering around the store. It is huge!
    While strolling by the bird section, complete with every kind of hummingbird feeder and birdhouse known to man, I came across a most interesting toy that caught my eye. The little handheld computer was called the Birdsong identiFlyer. The Birdsong identiFlyer is a computerized unit about the size of one of those old workhorse Texas Instrument calculators we baby boomer used in Algebra 10 at UT during the 1970ís. it play digital songbird recording from the interchangeable SongCards inserted into the face of the unit, and, according to the packaging, will he you learn to identify birds by their songs.
    Curious, I picked up the blister pack and punched the button associated with one of my favorite birds, the American Crow. I was amazed when suddenly, though the hard plastic packaging, I heard a most realistic Caw-Caw-Caw. It sounded too good to be true! My next move was to push the button of the robin. Again, I heard an accurate and very audible Rodin sound! I went through the whole card in the machine. The songs were amazing accurate. I thought to myself, you know, you could use one of these in off-season to brush up on the many bird songs and call that you donít know. But since my tab was already over $100, I put it down and went to look for my daughter whom I know by now was lost somewhere in the Mall.
    Fortunately, I made a quick note of the website shown on the package. Several days later I turned on my trusty computer and went directly to the site. I got right into The site will allow you to play with the machine and actually hear the songs. I learned that there are over 100 bird songs organized into 12 interchangeable SongCards, each sold separately. The birds are grouped by habitat (yard birds, forest, forest, edge, lakes and rivers, etc.) which makes it easy to identify the birds you are hearing around you. The basic unit sells for $34.94, has 2 SongCards, 3 AAA batteries, an earphone and a guidebook included.

A subsequent phone call to check on the guarantee of the unit found the inventor of the unit, Terry Allen, still at work in Salem, SC. Terry is a very nice and most interesting guy. He told me he invested the Birdsong identiFlyer 3 years ago and began selling them in April of 2000. So far he has sold 40,000 units! It carries a one year guarantee. Terry also told me that he now has 2 additional SongCards available for purchase. The newest SongCard has the sounds of frogs and toads; plus he has added a Birds of the South card. Terry said that he recently got a telephone call from a lady who purchased a unit for her daughter.

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